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Possible sale as I’m not 100 percent yet.

Male and female 100% het hypo blackhead pythons - not many of these around !

Stunning pair - female caught top of her head on what I think what a screw on the bulb guard

so has a few scars on her head was only done month ago and fully healed but will take a few sheds to look better.

Both never miss a feed Both shed perfect
Male fine to handle , female has her good and of days typical of the breed.

Male around 5ft Female 6ft and much more to grow.

You will need a large setup Ready ( no rubs ! ) Very active snakes both each in a 5x2 at the moment.

No timewaster please don’t message if you don’t have the money and no swaps !

South Yorkshire Pm only £750 pair


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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