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I have for sale one of my male long tailed earless dragons.

These little dragons are very similar in care to beardies. Although they are much smaller, reaching a total length of about 3 inches. The one for sale is about 2 years old and is fully grown.

At present, i know of only 2 breeders in the UK so are quite hard to come by. As with most small reptiles he is full of character and a total joy to watch!

He is small and flighty so i wouldn't recommend handeling him too much. I did once and he decided to make a run for it - took me an hour to catch him again! Lol!

Included in the sale is the dragon (obviously!) and full set up.

Full set up includes:
Exo terra 60x45x45cm (with background)
Exo Terra compact light canopy
2x 10% UV bulbs
1x 2% UV bulb
1x plastic plant
Spolt lamp and bulb
Basking rock
Exo Terra meal worm dish

Everything was bought in Feb '11 so still in great condition and the best part of 4 months left before the bulbs need replaced. He wasn't getting on very well with the other male i have so had to seperate them.

I can provide any care tips if needed but are pretty much the same as keeping a young beardy. This little guy seems to self dose on calcium so i always make sure there is a dish in the viv and would expect the buyer to continue with this (i use grated cuttle fish bone).

My cameras at the GF's house, so will hopefully get pics up 2mo.

Looking for £250 but open to offers - more importantly, he must go to a good home!!

Thanks for looking!
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