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Matryx is sharing his viv with his mate, wich is male, too. As they became matured in this season they don't really get on well with each other. I decided to find him a new loving home before he gets too frustrated.
- 3.5 year old (hatched in August 2013, Essex).
- Some blueish colouration on his chin, but he will be yellow-green coloured as his brother shows his colours already. But his colour depends on his mood, temperature and time of the day.
- Shedding, pooing well, and growing nicely.
- Lovely personality.
- Funny: loves to climb, but he can't climb at all.
- Herbivore lizard. (Mainly leaf and seed eaters, no live food!)
- Fed on wild greens and flowers, small seeds and some bee pollen occasionally + supplements.
- Doesn't come with viv.

Advice and care sheet will be given with him if needed. For more info contact me, please. His price is £290 ono. And I would consider a lower price if buyer'll be interested in my ocellated uros, too. Please see my other ad.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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