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I have a 3.5 year old Male python that unfortunately I need to sell, as my priorities have changed now the baby has arrived and the snake does not get the full attention he deserves.!

I live in dartford, Kent and would be happy to drive 40 miles or so to deliver.

I would say he's around 4ft and he was captive bred.

He has always eaten well and is not fussy, on the small rats at the moment. He also shed well and never had any problems or ailments.

He's also quite happy to be handled and has only bitten me once not out of fear but mistaking my hand for nosh!


The important thing is I would like to hand him over to someone who will look after him, otherwise I would just give him away.

Oh and I can offer the tank and all the gubbins too if anyone's interested.

Thanks for reading.
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