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This boy came OOP 20/09/13
He must have another glider waiting for him as I will not let him live alone. As he is 100% het leu, he carries the leucistic gene although does not show it. Dad is a leu and mum is a grey.

This boy would be good to start a breeding project and can be put with either full leus, hets or standard greys. You will get the chance for some leu young with pairing this boy with either a leu or another het leu. You will get possible hets or what I call 50% hets if you pair him with a standard grey. For more genetic help please email me and I will explain more.

I am asking £750 for him but payment plans are available. I will not let him go until I have full payment and I require a £200 deposit to secure.If you should pull out after securing him with a deposit your deposit is forfeit.
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