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Book for sale -

'The Praying Mantids'

Edited by Frederick R Prete, Harrington Wells, Patrick H Wells, and Lawrence E Hurd, with a foreword by John Alcock, and has many contributors.

A fantastically detailed book about praying mantids, with chapters on

· History, Morphology and taxonomy
· Ecology and mating behaviour
· Hearing and vision
· Motor behaviours
· Defensive behaviour
· And techniques in rearing, breeding, research, etc

A real must have for anyone really in to mantids or studying insects.

It is a very in depth look at mantids and every aspect of their behaviour, anatomy and how to keep them.

Includes information on lots of studies done on them for example on prey recognition, foraging strategies, life spans.

In very good condition, I bought this brand new just before Christmas for over £30 not including p&p from a seller in America. I used it for a research project for my degree, for which it served me well, but it’s not something I feel I’d use again.

I’m asking £30 or this including postage. You’d struggle to find it for that elsewhere.

More info about this book including scans of some of the pages can be found on amazon.

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