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Everybody welcome, It will be a very interesting and fun night!

Ultra Violet Light (UV) is one of the most important requirements for so many animals and particularly for reptiles. The way that we understand its properties, its effects on animals and our abilities to replicate this in the captive environment have dramatically improved over the years. John Courteney-Smith of Arcadia Reptile is involved in pioneering research and product development that insure that our reptiles receive the optimum living conditions in captivity. John has written books, papers and articles for many magazines including practical reptile magazine, he also advises zoos and shops on UV lighting for their exhibits.
This is an excellent opportunity to learn all about this "Light for Life" gain a better understanding of it and ask questions.
Details of our venue can be found on our website, and if you have any questions about this event please feel free to contact us.
Please join and share the Facebook event
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