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Hi guys !
Firstly i'll introduce myself, Im Marc, Me and my partner are the owners Managers of a new, large Reptile based Shop that will be sweeping the nation very soon. We're currently awaiting the keys to our new premises and we need a fresh supply of breeders to do much business with, and some experts to kit out our large shop floor with brand new vivs, shelves etc! We also need wholesalers for all sorts of pet appliances such as dog/cat food, bedding, aquarium goods, and everything else you may see at your local pet store. We're even interested in wood arts and gifts.

We currently have suppliers approaching us that would like to do business but if your interested or think you can top them, please contact Us to sell your business to us, We look forward to hearing from you.


email us at :-
[email protected]


Pm Us her on the rfuk site

Thank you for taking the time to read this, We look forward to doing business with some of you.

Kind regards
Marcs Reptile Ranch - The Animal Cove
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