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Im selling Medal Of Honor beta codes for the new MOH game made by Dice.
The beta works as follows.

  • I provide you with a code
  • you then go to Beta Key Redemption | Medal of Honor
  • log into your EA games account (or make one for free)
  • enter the code provided by me
  • choose what console you want to play the beta on
  • this will then generate your beta code
  • use the beta code on the ps3 store/xbox store ect
  • start playing the multiplayer beta.
These codes are priced at 10.00£ each and ive got a few of them and can get more , if anyone is a big gamer and intrested drop me a message.
I sell these on ebay alot but have a soft spot for my reptile buddies so thought id post them here also.

Can also supply VIP codes for battlefield , pretty much any gaming codes/xbox 48hour trials / 1month gold subs ect . Just message me if intrested.

  • Only accept paypal or cash
  • if your using a new account with 0 posts dont be supprised if i turn you down , Dont feel like being scamed
Please note these codes are 1 use only , so you cant share them :)

Thanks guys :p


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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