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Just adopted this little guy (or girl, the previous owner apparently wasn't sure). The pics aren't great but I don't want to stress him by getting him out, he only arrived an hour ago.

He seems to have been looked after reasonably well, the cage is clean (though the heat mat was covered in old shit from being inside the cage, apparently Lucifer sleeps underneath it - and it isn't regulated by a thermostat, but that's for my other thread...) and the snake looks healthy. But he obviously hasn't been cared for greatly, there are 5/6 old sheds in there that I've just removed and again, the lack of thermostat rings alarm bells.

Apparently he's a year old and hasn't been handled apart from feeding and cleaning times. I picked him up to check for burns and he didn't strike but seemed nervous.

Anyway he's a really cute little guy (or girl) and a freebie at that : victory:
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