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Do you want some Messor Barbarus queens?
All ready now, particularly large this year, cost is £1.00 per mated queen. (Min order number is 10 due to very low cost, for info read terms and conditions below).
If so please send an email to me, agreeing to my terms of sale and tell me how many you require. Please note the new way of packing, they are now sent individually packed so no fighting occurs. These sell fast! I sell to many European stores, one famous one in particular. So you are buying straight from the source if you order from me.
I have been selling these for many years on other ant forums.
Tell me how many you require.
Then send a Paypal payment to
[email protected]
Your order will be posted on the Monday following your payment,
I do this so they do not get left over the weekends.

I am sure many people can vouch for my services, I post to many stores around the UK & Europe.

Thank you


Terms and conditions:

ALL queens are mated Messor Barbarus, all have been checked to make sure they were healthy and intact before being sent out. They cost £1.00 each.

Due to the slowness of the UK postal system I only send queens using the URGENTE (found a better and cheaper alternative)
mail, this means if I post on a Monday you should receive them before Friday.
This costs NOW £20.00

Most queens arrive safely, if left in a cold place overnight once in the UK you may lose some, so I add 20 FREE.
Minimum order is 10.
For small orders I will send the fastest way possible in a bubble wrap envelope, this will be
£10.00 This is only for people ordering 10 or less. This is express post.
The best thing is to buy more than you require, then sell some on to others. For instance buy 10 at £10.00´s with £10.00 postage. This means you are paying £2.00 per queen. Most sites charge this or more for one queen then you still have the postage to pay on top of it (sometime 10 to 20 euros). So you get a good deal buying in bulk. I send 2 free in case of losses.
In the past when I have chosen express delivery (24 to 48 hrs) which costs a lot more, they have not been delivered in the said time.
They leave Spain within the day but once they hit the UK they get slowed down. So there is no point in using the more expensive method.

I do not do refunds if the UK post holds up the parcel, if it is held up in Spain I will.
I can check this by using the website which tells us where the parcel is and when it left Spain.

As I said I post on a Monday.
The ONLY time I have had trouble was when the UK suddenly went on postal strike and failed to deliver a parcel, it was 12 days late and the ants died due to being kept in a cold place. The customer involved tried to claim back with Paypal, this you cannot do as they do not cover live animals. They paid him out with money taken from my account, I was not happy with this so I claimed it back. Their terms state they do not pay out for death of live animals.

This is a partnership of trust, I am a trustworthy seller, I have to be if I want repeat business.

ALL or most people receive their queens within 3 to 5 days.
I track ALL parcels so I can see when it has left the country.
You are given the tracking number and web page to track it yourself.

I used to post them as a group to save people money but too many died due to fighting, so now I pack each queen individually.
I do not put them in plastic tubes, I would have to charge you more.
I pack in a solid box, each queen is now packed in a separate zip lock bag with a small piece of damp cotton wool.
So NO fighting occurs.

THIS is the cheapest method for you so you benefit from this and make more profit.
By keeping costs low I get more orders, so we both win.

Once you order from me, this means you except the terms.
Ask questions before ordering please.



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