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Hey, i was asked by a friend to advertise some things for him as he needs the cash.
He has a pair of Emrald tree boas both 05 for £1250 pair, he said will consider splitting and wants £750 female and £650 male.
He has an 09 Emrald tree boa for £450.
Sorong green tree python 06, actualy handleable! but only taking fresh killed food £650.
He also has a pair of leopard tortoise, male 6-9", female 12-14" asking £650 pair.
Im not sure of sizes and weights and i dont have pictures to put up unfortunately as im just acting as the middle man. If your interested drop me a pm with what your interested in, your name, number and best time to ring and i will pass it on to him. That way im not getting caught up in playing messanger as i have a lot of uni work on.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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