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Here's some background - I've got a breeding pair of leo geckos both are over a year old. I've also got 2 females who are only small, I forget exactly how old but only a few months, they're growing on until they're big enough to go with the breeding pair.

Today I've just bought a new female blizzard to go in with the breeding pair. She lived with 2 other females and a male blazing blizzard in the place we bought her from and is already pregnant.

Would it be best to keep her seperate until she lays the eggs to minimize stress? Afterall I bought her gravid so hopefully we could have 2 baby blizzards before she goes in with the breeding pair (who are just normal and high yellow), so I don't want her getting stressed and lose them.

The only problem is I haven't got a spare tank so would it be best just to put her with the little females (we put her with them and she doesn't seem to be scared of them) or with the breeding pair (although she seems a little scared of the female and the male is even bigger!!)

The only other option I have is, I have a piece of wood to split my larger viv in half, she would be in the same viv as the breeding pair but seperate until she lays her eggs.

Ok, sorry it was so long. I appreciate any help!!!
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