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Hi friends I am new to this forum , I want to share about this guy
Moh. Saleem " The snake Catcher " Commonly known as "Saleem Saap wale" (***2360;***2354;***2368;***2350; ***2360;***2366;***2305;***2346; ***2357;***2366;***2354;***2375;) in Bhopal (India) Moh. Saleem has been serving the society since last 25 years he has caught more than 35,000 snakes of different types (cobra ,Russell wiper, python, red snake), he tries to eradicate superstitions and myths associated with snakes. moreover he doesn't charge anything for catching snakes in residential areas and neither in the treatment of person who has been bitten by snakes. he leaves the snakes in the jungles of Budhni, Matkuli (M.P.)India, every week end. detailed info is here
Snake Catcher in India,King cobra,Eyelash viper,Rhinoceros viper ,Green tree python,Emerald tree boa ,Asian cobra ,Siamese cobra ,Boa constrictor,Copperhead Snake ,Mangrove Snake,Pacific Gopher Snake , Speckled Rattle Snake ,Copperhead Snake ,python,
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