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monitors koh samui

I am currently on Koh Samui. I saw two of what i believe are the above monitors the other day in the disrict of Lamai. (about 17th August 2012). They were HUGE - at least 2 metres, up to 3. At first I thought a human was swimming across the water in a very lazy fashion, then when i caught up to it i thought it was a crocodile! As he turned his head i realized not so, but a lizard. This one had been swimming in the water, and another one i was in the jungle a little further up from it. (his girlfriend?).
I got some pictures of him, but you cant really tell the size from it. If you like I can tell you exactly where i saw them, not sure if I should randomly put up incase of any lager lad inclined who might harrass or harm them.
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