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I've been searching the web and reading about hardscaping and background construction for vivaria, with the plan to create something similar for my monitor enclosure. I have a few reservations and I hope there is someone out there that has tested these ideas that may be able to advise:

Most construction designs are either expanding foam or polysterine bases, which are then covered in tile grout and another mix that eludes me at the moment (PVA sealant?).

Another I read somewhere related to the use of a diluted cement mix with acrylic compound, followed by acrylic paint and then latex.

Given that monitors are relatively powerful, have sharp claws, and as a general rule like to climb; I'm somewhat concerned that these ideas may not withstand such abuse.

The monitors have not yet been acquired, but will be of dwarf size, most likely either V. acanthurus, V. tristis, or V. auffenbergi. So I'm looking for monitor-proof suggestions for these species.

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