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Hi all,

Looking for some creative advice here!

If any of you have read the racks / stacks thread, you will know that I plan to split all my snakes to house them singly.

Therefore, I need to design the ideal housing for my current collection, to then request a quotation from various viv builders.

My snake collection is

1 Male Anery Corn Yearling
1 Female Anery Corn Yearling
1 Male Miami Corn - 2 yrs old
1 Female Miami Corn - 2 yrs old
1 unsexed Amel Corn - few months old
1 Male Crimson Corn - few months old
1 Female Snow Corn - few months old
1 Female Boa - few months old.
1 Female Royal Python - 18 Months
1 Male Royal Python - 18 Months

Obviously they are all 'small snakes' (at this stage!)

So I need to house them all individually. However the display ideally needs to look nice (vivs ideally, not plastic tubs!)

My room is fitted with professionally made Beech vivs, so that will be the style of the new setup.

I have a space of approx 4foot leng by 6foot high to work with. If this is too small, I will house the snakes in another room, however in an ideal world, I will work with this space.

I know they will need to be upgraded when they grow larger, I am thinking more of the next 12-24 months.

It would also be NICE to be able to share stats on some of the vivs in some way so I dont need to buy another 10 stats! However, if thats not possible, I will buy the necessaries!

So, you have the collection, you have the dimensions and you have the idea.

I'd really appreciate any creative input. Just some cogs turning and ideas flowing. Id also love to see your similar setups. Also looking for advice on suitable sizes of setups. I know I can easily find this out on Google, but it would be nice to get all the information here smile.gif

Many Thanks, hope to get a nice discussion going!

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