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probably wont get alot of interest in it but you never know

FOR SALE is my lancer. i have restored this car with no regard for the expense but as a result i have lost my love of the car and feel it would be given a better home by someone else as it currently is not being used by myself!

here is a list of all the items done/replaced on the car:


New roof skin
Full respray
Light tints
Evo 3 bodykit
Ralliart mud flaps
License plate included (J300 EVO)
external ariel removed and fabricated over


Reshelled engine
All seals replaced
Td05 turbo
Screamer pipe
Full exhaust system
Uprated injectors
Uprated fuel pump
3 angle valve grind
uprated intercooler and piping
HKS air filter
Uprated cooling channels
New tappets
New valve stem oil seals
Air con removed
Arp conrod bolts
New sump
Uprated clutch (excellent feedback)
LSD (very rare item on these cars!)

PLEASE NOTE that the engine was in no way damaged and was running perfectly when the car was taken off the road. the engine was stripped to replace all the seals and discover if there was anything else that needed replacing. as a result we went full out and overhauled the whole engine.


Evo 9 seats
Fully refurbished interior (all fabrics have been redyed and plastics treated to bring back to new!)
Boston 6x9s
Focal front speakers
Alpine headunit
Battery cable plumbed into boot (currently not connected but all parts will be included inc red top race battery)
RCAs routed into boot just incase anyone wants to run amps
in addition ps2 extension cables for the controllers are routed through to the back of the car for a ps2 to be mounted in the boot (frame has been made, just needs fabrication with material, if im happy with the price i get for the car i will throw in a ps2 and power converter for the new owner)


New propshaft
New Transfer box
D2 adjustable coilovers (less than 100miles of use!)
Full new rear bushes (cost over £300!!!)
New front arb bushes
Braded Brake Lines (with aeroclips so connections wont fail!)
Recently changed discs and pads
Recently new tyres all around
Various uprated bushes

New fuel tank fitted as old one had a few sheered bolts on it which i wasnt happy about!
Cat 1 alarm (Clifford concept 600)

the car currently does not have an mot, the only thing it failed on was brake lines (copper pipes) to the rear of the car as they were slightly corroded, this is something we notice in the build but wasnt excessive so left. the only reason this work has not been undertaken is until i have a real buyer for the car, i dont see the point replacing them as i am also considering splitting the car, however these can be replaced by ourselves.
tax until end of Feb

comes with standard interior seats
spare door cards
standard injectors and pump
standard turbo
standard elbow
standard suspension
uprated dump valve with forge valve spring kit
etc etc (will come with all the bits i have loitering around, pretty sure there is more than that!)

it took a total of 8 months to restore this car. I had also purchased a blitz sbc i colour for the car and purchased the addition sensors and a/f ratio sensor etc to be put onto the car. this will not be included in the sale but will be supplied for £1000 on top, this piece of kit is truely awsome, data recorder, boost controller, enginer monitor, a/f adjuster, it even come with a short band lamba to adjust the cars a/f ratio manually!

to see photos of the rebuild please following the below link:

<A href="" target=_blank>wray6890/evo rebuild - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

in the fairness of honesty, there are a few snags with the car, these are:

lack of mot as mentioned
one of the bolt covers has come loose from the spoiler
paintwork needs buffing

thanks for reading all that

the brakelines and mot can be done if there is interest in the car but would need a week or so to fit it in! only reason i have not done it yet as i am also considering breaking the car so dont see the point putting more cash into it until i know what is going to happen with it.

pm me with offers


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afraid its neither.

my brother committed suicide in the early hours of this morning and we spent alot of time together restoring the car so i want to keep it in honour of his memory
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