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Hi, I have started a picture thread for my snake and lizards. So I thought I should start a thread for my other animals. I will update this thread regularly with pictures of my dog and small animals.

First is my dog. He is a Jack Russell Terrier called Max. He is 3 years old. We got him when he was 7 months old. He was owned by someone that lived in a flat and had never had a dog before. The man was a DJ and would go out about 9 in the morning and didn't come back until about 12 midnight. During this time he would be shut in a hallway, and didn't get walked that often. So now he treats every walk like it might be his last. Anyway here are some pics

Him eating a massive pigs ear

When he decided to make his bed in a box

Now my mice. I got these earlier this year when they were about 2 months old. They are all sisters from the same litter. They will be getting a bigger cage later this year



Their cage

I will add pics of sugar later

Now my hamsters. These are Russian hamsters and both sisters from the same litter. I rescued them from someone who wasn't keeping them properly and couldn't care for them properly. They were kept in a cage with newspaper on the bottom no sawdust or anything. They had a house with no bedding at all, couldn't reach their water bottle, got one fresh bowl of food a week and had a cat toy. Now they have a cage similar to the mouse cage but don't have the extension with the wheel, but have a cage clipped on to the base of the cage.

Here they are

You can see a bit of their cage but I will add a proper photo of their cage later

I also have two gerbil brothers, rescued from the same house as the hamsters, but lucky they weren't in as bad condition just had no toys, etc.

I will add some pics of them and their cage later

Thanks for any replies
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