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Hey Eveyone, so ive decided to write up my full collection along with setups and general what not. I hope you all enjoy the pics and get some ideas and stuff for setups etc.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to drop a line :) cheers guys

Quinn - Male Pinstripe Harlequin, 10 months old, weighs 24g

This is quinns home - Full natural live setup

Spring - Female Extreme Harlequin, 6 months old, weighs 19g
Pop - Female Dalmation, 3/4 months old, weighs 14g

The two females live together in a RUB

Fizzle - Male Dalmation, 3/4 months old, weighs 14g

I keep my males separate so he is in this terrarium as he is still quite small


They are all fed Repashys 3.0 adlib and get crickets once a week. (i had literally just cleaned them out and my gf was making up the repashys hence why there were no food bowls in the pics lol)

Sprayed twice a day humidity never drops below 50% averages around 80%

I will be breeding next year so keep your eyes peeled for some babies - hopefully will get some pretty awesome morphs with these guys.

I hope you all enjoyed any questions feel free :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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