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I have recently gotten 2 dragons and I have two questions馃榿

1. I have read about the fact they have trouble understanding glass and that it can cause them harm banging their noses against it. Wondering if any1 knows any ways to discourage them from doing so as my male does it a lot?

2. They haven't been eating much maybe only a couple of medium locust a day 3 at most an only on occasion will take from my hand most of the time just turn their head away! I'm goin to try changing their food but if it persists how long should I wait before goin to the vet as I know with the recent move an new home etc they could just be stressed?

Any advice and help would be brilliant thanks x

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Im sure they nose rub because of the reflection try tinting the glass.

appetite should get better in time when they settle in more
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Block most light in viv apart from basking as to make plenty shaded areas.

I wasnt a fan at all with loads shaded area and only little light from basking.
Worrying of MBD

It stopped my dragon from jumping into the glass and it seems to regulate often throughout the day to top of viv where light is then drops back down
and alot more active. (im assuming knowing when it needs to get uvb and heat)

Arcadia john on here mentioned giving more shaded areas for water dragons.
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