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Hi all, i bought a male green anole( definatly male post anal scales large dewlap big body) for my paludarium and he was doing great and so went to get him a female. So i purchased a what im hoping to be a female. She/he is smaller than my male and didnt seemto have the post anal scales but wheni introduced her my male would pop his head do press ups and show his dewlap, she would respond my head popping and somtimes showing her dewlap which is also bright red but smaller.

when they display like this the definate male will chase the smaller anlone but she/he always runs away. She/he does sit with the male on occasion and has been no aggression from what iv seen just the larger one chasing the smaller one now and again always after displaying ( im hoping to mate and not to show whos boss).

So my question is can female green anoles have the red dewlap or could it just be a smaller male.
they do sleep next to each other and bask together but like i said now and again they do the head bops sit ups dewlap showing (smaller one only sometimes shows dewlap male always does when they do this followed by him chasing him/her)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as i want the best enviroment for the lizards.
male is always bright green smaller one i bought was verydark brown when i got her/him but has coloured up and changed from green to brown often.
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