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I have brought a sac of Nephilengys cruentata from a friend as a favour and therefore am selling them.

These are newly hatched so are currently tiny, from the info I can find they are White Orb Weaver's, live more costal areas than the other species in Nephila. and therefore the humidity levels are around 70-80% mark with temps of mid 20s seeming best for them.

A slow and relatively harmless spider they are rarely aggressive to anything that isn't prey caught in their web. The males are tiny compared to the female and during breeding they find a sub adult female near maturing molt and live on the edge of her web until she molts upon which the male goes straight in and mates while the female is in-active during the hardening / drying period.

As for how many they have I'm currently unaware as haven't been able to find this info at all but as soon as mine arrive Tuesday and have been potted up I will confirm a number in the comments.

Prices I'm asking for £2 ea plus postage or groups of 10 for £15. Deals on bigger lots available and people welcome to contact me for trade bulk and make offers.

Please note that currently I am adding £1 onto all postage for heat mats, if a heat mat is decided against then I will not cover lag for any spiders sent out.

Please correct me if you keep these and I am wrong! Have spent ages trying to piece together and check info as not much about them around!
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