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Hi All, well finally got the Beardie I've always wanted, he's eleven months old and was bought with his viv.
I'm having a few problems with the set up as it is. the viv is 4x2x2 and was set up with a 10% UV bulb 17" in from one end and a 60 watt spot bulb about 8" in from the other end, both bulbs fitted to the roof of the viv and so about 20" from the floor. When I got him the basking temp when measured was around 85%F at the basking spot and in the 60's at the cool and with an ambient temp of 70 - 75 at the hot end. Too cool, yes?
He ate the first day but then regurgetated his food the second day, that's when I measured the temps. He also went off his food.
After raising the basking spot and not getting hot enough I changed to a 100 watt bulb with a basking spot raised to 7" off the floor (rock). I've now got the temps to average of 95%F under basking spot, ambient hot end high 80's and cool end ambient around low 70's still a bit on the cool end, yes?
He is now eating crickets but won't eat much greens at all only a little if you hand feed him. He had the runs Friday but things seem to have firmed up now. He is now much livelier but won't chase the crickets around but will eat if hand fed but at least he's eating.
Right here are my questions, would appreciate some feedback on the best things to do.

1. Should I put a 150 watt bulb in to get a higher temp? Does anyone else need such a high wattage bulb in a 4x2x2 viv?

2. I think the UV bulb where it is is too far away from him, am I right? if so could I put in 10% UV strip, half way down the back wall as well as the bulb, or would that be too much UV or should I put in the strip UV and change the UV bulb to a low energy bulb just for extra brightness, or just take it out altogether?

I've bought a dimming stat. but not much good at the moment until I get this sorted. I know things should have been right before I bought him but as this was his viv I assumed the temps would have been correct. Sorry for the 'War and Peace' but wanted to give as much info as possible.
Look forward to hearing your replies.
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