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you don't need to spray his viv, bds are desert dwelling reps, who live in an area where moisture is rare.

Good to see he's eating his greens, thats a good thing to see, what veggies do you feed him?

There are different views on this but for me, you don't need to mist your bd unless its shedding (misting can help) or if he/she seems dehydrated.

Handling, although beardies are naturally tame reps, is generally a slow process and requires patience, especially with a young beardie.

I started off by simply placing my hand on the other side of the viv. My beardie at first was freaked out but after a while, got used to my hand.
You can take different steps one after another when you think your bd has got used to you. Try to refrain from directly staring at them for long periods of time - animals don't like that.

-Move your hand on the same side of the viv as your bd.
-Gently touch and stroke with their tail, casually.
-Work your way to gently stroking their body.
- Move onto touching the head.

Remember every bd with have its own way in which it responds to you. It could take a week or so, or it could take months it just depends.

Another helpful tip is to make sure you are the only person who mainly feeds the bd, so they associate you with food (they will learn not to bite the hand that feeds them)

Phew thats a big post lol soz hope you find it helpful

8) Neo
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