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Hi don't know if this is the best thing but I bonded with our baby BD by hand feeding her crix. You can pick em up with your fingers or (if you're fussy) with handling tongs you can get from the herp stores. She's learned to sit on my hand to get a couple of crix, then she hunts the rest down for herself. :)
The idea of being associated with food is a fair one.
I mist my BD & my desert agamas once (lightly) every morning, to simulate dew fall which does happen in deserts and provides fluid for lizards living there. BDs get fluid from greens too. When our lizzies shed, we bathe them twice a week to stop them from getting bands of stubborn skin around their toes.
:D You're going to love getting to know your BD! Ours soon learned that we are the food fetchers and is always pleased to see our hands in the viv now. She comes to the front of the viv & waves when she wants us! It's sooo cute! 8)
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