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I have 2 plated lizards (male and female) living in a 4x2 vivarium. I have read that they fare better in 1.2+ groups, and when they are larger they will be moved into a 5x2x2 or a 4x4x2 LWH. They are brown-beige lizards, and one has bright blue and orange neck coloration.

My local reptile store has got in a 1.1 pair of beautiful black-scaled lizards of the same subspecies (G. m. major) and after looking them over, I am very sorely tempted to buy one.

I'm a little stuck on the logistics and 'morality' of it.

1 - can I put an extra female in the current setup with/without moving everyone around?
2 - is it considered okay to separate the store's pair (which could be used for a line-breeding project or something) to buffer up my own collection?

(I know it might seem silly to ask. But what a hobbyist can do and what a hobbyist should do are different... and if there's any purism about black-colored plateds then I'd leave them be or try to get both in a separate viv.)
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