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For reptile swaps powersun UV bulb
I bought this bulb a month ago and used it once
its a UV combined with a spot light 100ws enough
output for all reps requiring UV inc desert over
8.0 output and is perfect for large enclosures.

PowerSun UV projects useable UVB radiation a far
greater distance (up to 6 feet) than conventional
fluorescent tubes. This makes it ideal for large
enclosures and reptiles with high UV demands.
PowerSun UV has all of the benefits of our award
winning ReptiSun bulbs with the added benefit of
increased intensity (50µW/cm2 UVB ) and heat. UVB
radiation has always been the safest, most
effective way to ensure proper levels of vitamin
D3 in captive reptiles and the PowerSun UV will
continue to emit significant levels of UVB for all
of its 10,000-hour average life (over 2 years with
normal use.)

These bulbs retail at over £50 each and have Uv
life of 2 years rather than the normal tubes.

Does not come with original box but will come with
a box.
Can be posted
happy to swap for other reptiles
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