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Hi everyone! Names ken
From Michigan

Currently have 2 snakes
- dumerils boa (jazmin)
- white phase albino retic python (Twinkie)

Up and coming snake enthusiast
Have had snakes my whole life
But now getting into the more "advanced" breeds

Any advice on snakes I'm very welcomed 2!
Will post pictures of my 2 baby girls when I get to a computer
Unless u can tell me how to from my phone :(

Couple questions for any large retic owners
1. What are the dimensions of your Viv and what does it consist of?
2. Any other advice on them please share anything!

I know my fair share about them but always love to learn more

Thanks! Ken
for an adult female mainland at least 8 x 3 x3 bigger the better:2thumb:
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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