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Hello all. Call me Dorg Endo. Joined up after seeing this forum repeatedly show up in search results for all various reptile things.

I'm quiet and reserved IRL but can be more of my true self online. I might try becoming a crazy reptile person, because apparently it is not too hard to do with some knowledge and practice. I already love keeping a bunch of houseplants. So getting the extra mile to make vivariums with some exotic friends who can enjoy the plants is the next logical step.

I'm not new to reptiles but still new overall to the idea of a reptile community. I had 2 green anoles and a bearded dragon growing up plus all sorts of other pets. Right now I have a bearded dragon, 2 green anoles, an American grey tree frog, cat, and dubia roach colony. I am good at breeding roaches apparently! It is also nice my cat allows me to keep herps, she has no interest in killing them. She is nearly 15 years old and just the best killer of mice, but never herps.

I am mostly interested in herps/exotics from the Americas and Australia, those places have my favorites. Overall bearded dragons are the best. I love them.
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