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Hey guys,

This is my first post on any type of forum :)

I'll start on why I am posting. My mum had a tortoise when she was younger ( brought from a market stall and left outside all the time e.t.c ( as they wrongly were kept in the 60's) however, she has always wanted a tortoise so for her b'day this year me and my sibs decided to get her a tortoise.

A very good fried of mine assured me a Horsefield was the easiest to get and after quickly browsing a few websites I brought her one. From The t
Tortoise Shop.
He arrived and we were all happy but my mum's foster child is a bit of a nightmare and would not leave him alone.To cut a long story short (or not) I have the tortoise now and after reading up on them have realized the commitment needed to care for these animals.

I know it was irresponsible of me to buy one without realizing this first but I have done it now and am determined to do the best I can to keep me lil guy (Horice) happy. I live in a flat (and will be until summer next year) so he is in an indoor tortoise table. I have topsoil/playsand. But he doesn't dig, the soil would just collapse on him anyhow so should I water it every now and them in order for it to create burrows? Also, I've had him 6 weeks and want to know if I should hibernate him? He is healthy 2 years old. He only comes out of his cave once a day for about 3 hours. Is this normal?

He has been pooing correctly and has regular baths and seems happy .I really would be grateful for any help. I really have fallen for Torts and will do my best to ensure he is happy. I believe they deserve the utmost respect as they have been around for a bloody long time without any help in the wild. I have been converted into a Tort Lover.
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