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So of you may remember these from a year ago,

i have some news about my problem child of a female royal i was having to assist feed, as she was wild caught( bought as CB, but found out she was WC), starved for 6 months, n lost a considerable amount of weight,

I was thinking of giving up on here and passing her onto someone who may be able to do something with her, this was because it was getting harder to feed her and she is resisting more n more,

Well i was speaking to Nerys about her n she suggested that i try her n a chick again, so i defrosted one and put it in and covered her up, 24hrs later i sneeked a peek and the chick was gone, i hadda empty the viv to make sure she hadnt moved it,

well that was a shock, then 2 days later i put in a rat pink in and covered her up again, this time it was gone within 2 hours

But this isnt the end of it, this evening i put in 2 rat pinks, and when i checked 10 mins ago they were both gone.

Still early days, but hopefully she keeps this up.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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