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Today, I have a young nile monitor for sale.
He is about 40-50cm long in really good condition.All Healthy without any losses, kept under UVB.
He eats everything, including small and medium mouses, crickets.

I have original certificates of his birth and origin. These are in two languages, German and English.

He is quite tamed, and has never bit me, All he does is hissing sometimes, but generally is calm. He has not the typical nile temperament so if you give him some more time he can be tamed- to certain extent.
He eats from your hand.

I can additionally give you UVB-10.0 Reptile glo; and some vitamines and the food which I got left. (if any-depending when you buy it)

I am only selling this beauty because of change of circumstances and not having enough time for him anymore.

I cannot upload a photo here, so if you want to see him, please email me with your email addresses and I will send it to you.

Any question, please Ask.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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