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I have numerous beautifully patterned normal het caramel corn snake hatchlings for sale. All have eaten 5 pinkies, and pooed more that I'd like. They're lively little devils and are now starting to enjoy being handled, i.e. they're calm and actively crawl onto my hand.

I haven't sexed these yet, but will in the near future. Take a pair for £50 and get yourself some caramel in three years!

I also have starter kits (good quality, good a for a year) including the snake, viv (large enough for their first year), heat mat, thermostat, two hides, water bowl, thermometer (+/-1 degree), substrate and pinkies for a few weeks.

I also offer full telephone support, an on-line care sheet, free iphone snake log sheet app and a downloadable log sheet. A bargain at £75.

[email protected]


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