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Hi there.

I got a lovely Royal last year from a reptile store that gets their Royals in from varius breeders around the UK. I was sold the wee snake at 3 months old, for £95; which i now understand is actually quite pricey for a normal Royal.

The shop owner told me that the snake was 'appraised' as being a Granite Morph. Or Possible Granite. However he was selling her as a Normal type.

I know that Granite's are Dominant Genetically (if i've done my research right) but i was hoping not to have to breed her to proove her out. I dont even know if she's a she anymore, as when i asked her to be probed for me, the owner told me she was on the cusp of male or female... something to do with the depth he could put the probe being indefinate?

Uff, the only thing I know is that from know on i'll buy my Royals straight from the Breeder!

I wondered if any of you could take a look and give me your opinions on her?

She's tiny for a year old - she had a RI and didn't eat for months! (Another reason i'll buy from Breeder next time!) However i've stuck by her and she's on her way to happier and healthier days :)

Her alien heads do have some of that classic 'dappled' Granite looking markings, but not as much as i've seen on Granites online. But then, she doesn't look like many normals i've seen on here either.

Anyway, sorry for the rambling; I really hope someone might point me in the right direction with her - as if she's a Granite i have an excuse to buy a Normal! hehe

Here she is... What you think?

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