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Hi all, hope this is allowed but if not I’ll remove it!
I’m currently doing my master’s degree in animal cognition, and have a thesis to carry out and write up over the summer. I was meant to be working with primates at a zoo but unfortunately that plan’s been well and truly corona’d so I’m having to come up with a new project that can be done remotely.

I have an interest in reptile cognition, so was thinking of doing some form of citizen science project (where I would collaborate remotely with keepers to collect data), and was thinking of looking at novel problem solving in lizards.
Basically, I would design a simple (safe and enriching) test that could be done by participants and their reptiles. I would provide resources so you could do it from your own home, and would ask you to film your lizard as it does it and send the footage to me so that I can analyse it.

I’m not sure if this will be something I’ll be able to do or not, as I’m still in discussions with my supervisor. But if I were to do it, would any of you be interested in participating? I’m trying to gauge numbers to see if I’ll end up with a decent sample size before going any further! I do have a research budget, so there as a chance there would be financial compensation involved for participants (though I don’t know for sure!). But even if not, it certainly wouldn't cost you anything, and I’d be keen to share the research/findings with the participants and the wider herp community (whoever will listen to me really haha!) through either a recorded talk or online resources (or something like that)...whatever people were interested in.

Again, I am not sure that this will happen as it is early days but if you are interested (and are the owner of a lizard(s) of any species) then it would be great if you could comment on this post or PM me ☺ thanks for your time! 🦎
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