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1.0 CB08/2016 Oreocryptophis porphyraceus coxi , Price: 80€

1.0 born 06/2016 Morelia spilota 88% Jungle Jaguar after yellow female 75% JJ reduced pattern and pure german line cheynei from precision reptiles. Price: 160€
1.1 siblings that will be really nice and yellow; price: 50€/one 90€/pair

1.0 Abbots okeetee CB2015 - Price: 65€

2.1 born 08/2016 Lavender 100% het motley, poss het amel , poss het hypo
Parents: Lavender motley 100%het amel x lavender 100%het hypo
Price: 35€/one
All offered animals accept defrosted food.

0.1 Philodryas baroni CB08/15
This female is one of my two holdbacks of blue x brown pairing. I decided to leave only one for me.
She is more green than blue at this time, but I hope to see her as blue in adult age. Yet do not give any quarantee on that fact - that was my firs pairing like that.
Price: 160€

Shipment to UK is possible, but I prefer to pass them at Terraristika Hamm show in december.

Can upload more pictures here, so if you want to see them - contact me at: [email protected]
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