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Of any mammals I'd keep, they would be..

1 Black-fur Shar Pei.
1 White Bengal.

And then the exotic mammals would be;

Pangolin or Armadillo.

I recognise that both Pangolin and Armadillo may be a little bit on the tough side to get ahold of. I was curious if anyone actually did them though? Bred them or anything? Especially Pangolins, I love them so much. I've researched up on the both of them, and I'd be willing to make a setup for them at some point, but other than that, I'm not big on the exotic mammals front. It'd be good for me to know any legalities, paperwork or anything otherwise that I might know to own either of these, if at all possible. What one is likely to cost me on average price would also be greatly appreciated knowledge.

Also, feel free to throw any spare advice my way about these guys. Always learning on the mammal side of things, I dont keep many. : )
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