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I have 20 cb12 boas in total that I have bred myself and were born on 12/09/12. They have all had their first sheds and eaten 3 times up to now.

The parents of these boas are photographed below, the father being a beautiful Kubsch Pastel Salmon Hypo and the mother sold to me as a Pastel, however unfortunately not the cleanest example.

They have produced a mixture of beautiful Pastel Salmon Hypos, Hypos, Pastels and less clean Pastels that I have labeled as Commons.

These beautiful boas will be for sale in approximately 1 to 2 weeks, having at least 4 feeds at that point. I will however happily reserve snakes until then if you are interested.

Prices will be as follows:

Pastel Salmon Hypos £80
Normal Hypos £70
Pastels £55
Commons £45

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I'd actually much rather you asked any questions you might have on these lovely snakes, and I must stress that they will only be sold to responsible keepers with what I believe to be comprehensive kits.

Thank you so much for your interest

I look forward to hearing from you

Dave 07735277836
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