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Just purchased a new car so selling my old one.
It was my first ever car and has treated me brilliantly the past 5 years.

Peugeot 206, 1999 (T reg), 1.1 (1124 cc) petrol, LX edition, silver. 107k miles.
Aircon, 3 door.

Good points:
Never broken down.
Exhaust system replaced 4 months ago.
New windscreen few months ago.
Gearbox was brand new when I bought it (5 years old now).
Good runner, very light and nippy.
Cheap to insure.

Bad points:
A few bulbs need replacing (interior clock, drivers side brake-light, passenger side head-light)
Body work has some small dents: back left wing most noticable.
Rear bumper needs reattaching on the drivers side.
Boot lock motor needs fixing, I've removed the trim panel so you can manually lock and unlock the boot from the inside.
Rear wiper motor has weakened.

It is due for a new MOT and tax at the end of the month/beginning of next month. Just trying to get rid of it as quickly as possible.

Open to offers or swaps for reptiles/setups.

If no-one wants it I'll probably donate it to the fire service for practising cutting people out.
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