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Hi, I have a Pair of Phelsuma Kochi and complete Exo Terra Set up for sale.

I always wanted this set up when I was younger so when I had the chance to buy it I went for it. I bought everything brand new earlier this year and spent well in excess of £1000. I originally wanted Phelsuma Grandis but in my haste ended up with Kochi. Nearly the same but they do not share the same vibrant red colouration.

I've achieved what I set out to do with these now I feel I want to move onto the next thing. I'm unsure of their true age but both male and female are around 8 inches long, consistently show courting behaviour and have produced eggs for me.

The set up is as follows:

. Exo Terra XL Tall
. Exo Terra 4 Light Canopy
. Exo Terra Improved Monsoon Rs400
. Exo Terra Ceramic heat lamp
. Exo Terra 13w UVB 100 x 2
. Exo Terra 15w Night Glow x 2
. Exo Terra 100w Sun Glow - 75w Replacement
. Exo Terra Hygrodrometer
. Microclimate Thermostat

Décor/Miscellaneous items;

. Exo Terra Jungle Vine x 5
. Exo Terra hanging plants x 16
. Exo Terra elevated outcrops x 2
. Exo Terra grape vine branches x 3
. Bamboo branches x 2
. Cork bark x 2
. Mopani wood x 2
. Pangea magnetic mushroom feeding ledge
. Aquamaniac large waterfall
. Alspenium Nidus (Birds nest fern) in coco planter x 2
. Exo Terra block of earth substrate
. Exo Terra cricket keeper full of locust
. Hand pump mister
. Repashy day gecko food

The list goes on basically everything you need/want is here.

I have the basking/hot area around 32/33 celcius and the coolest point is 24celcuis so throughout the vivarium they have a choice of temperatures they can be in. I have the monsoon mister going twice a day 8am/pm for around 1minute and that keeps the humidity near on 70% consistently.

Heres a link to a video when I first set up the vivarium, a bit has changed since then, I have the new artificial rock waterfall in there and there's a lot more hanging plants.

I'm not sure if my pictures will upload but I will happily email lots over for anybody interested as will I answer any questions you have.

Hopefully people can see the efforts I have gone to with this vivarium and the right person who can continue to give these stunning geckos the best care will take them on and give them a good future.
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