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Day Geckos for Sale

"All to go at first come first serve basis. All day geckos were apart of my breeding program and all matched pairs have produced eggs.
I am only selling because I am leaving the country for a while and must clear out all of my reptile collection."
I will except nearest offers on certain items - Please ask
I can be contacted by E-mail [email protected]

Mature pair of Grandis - very good breeders £100.00
Young breeding pair of Standings £100.00
Golddust pair £70.00pr ♂ has stunning vivid colours
2 related adult ♀ Golddust £30.00ea
1 unsexed sub adult Golddust £30.00
3x 3 month old Mertens £50.00ea
♀ Kochi £50.00 Can get hold of a male if wanted
Large ♂ Dubia £25.00
Some geckos can be sold with exo-terra housing - please ask
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