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Firstly thanks very much for the speedy replies.

The chippings are about to be removed, the man in the store said they would do :(

As for the log hide Elvis doesnt really use it till bed time. Most days Elvis is out under the heat lamp.

Ive also turned off the heat rock.

Does anyone know where I can find an accurate growth chart? And also any other signs of impaction?

This evening Elvis ate some crickets this morning and then a few more this evening. Wasnt interested when I tried to feed him this after noon. Also there was fresh poop if thats any help?

I also have this Reptix Vital vitamin powder. Which I use once a week.
as long as he is eating then i wouldnt worry to much............the vitamin powder....normal dusting is using a calcum powder 3 times a week then a vitimin powder once a week...........can i ask are you gut loading his crickets ?
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