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I have a similar sized aquarium (130 Gallon) which I use for my Leucs,
The only problem I can see with a large tank is getting a morph which will get along without fighting.
Azureus could end up doing just that, I say could.
Leucs on the other hand get along well in groups and would be more suited to a tank that size as they would use the whole thing inc climbing the glass etc.
Mixing groups is frowned upon as you would have the problem of creating a habitat to suit the different morphs.
Also there is the question of breeding hybrids which is frowned upon and also you have to be sure that the different morphs will get along without fighting or disturbing each other.
So I would say decide which frog you want, preferably a large one for a large tank.
Then design your tank to suit that frog.
Once you have done that you`ll have hopefully happy frogs wich should give you hours and hours of fun.

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