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i want a smallish one that i can hold occasionly(will they escape) and my tank was a small fish tank now ready for a mantid at

8 INCH LONG BY 5 INCH HIGH BY 5 INCH DEPTH its small but it should house some ,what would fit in that easy to care for and handle AND common mantids,mainly CB.
also how often do you feed them and can you keep just one and whats there lifespan?
any good caresheets.
my lps can get in
Fantasy Mantid Phylocrania paradoxica 2-3cm £12.95
Empusid Mantid Pseudoempusa pinnapovis 1-2cm £9.50
African Mantid Sphodromantis centralis/lineola 2-3cm £9.50
Chinese Mantid Tenodera aridifolia sinensis 2-3cm £7.95
whats easiest to look after and good to keep in a small tank 8x5x5

also how often do i feed ,and will they escape?
sorry for all questions im new.

do they need heating,can they be fed on a staple diet of mealworms?

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pretty much take your pick on what species

i fed mine about 3 crickets a weeks, i tried to always make sure it had a cricket in there so if it ever felt peckish it had something to nibble on

i unfortinatly lost all 4 of mine when i pluged in the ambipure air fresheners so make sure you have none of them in your home, there not nice at all.


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