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have for sale a unfinished project for mudskippers.

Fully naturalistic with tidal paterns to simulate their natural homes in hopes to breed them.

The furnishings include faux mangrove roots made from epoxy resin and pipe, Naturalistic background and clay substrate to mimic mud flats of a mangrove forest.

The tidal system is fed into the tank from the side and drained from two points hidden with faux mangrove roots.

The paludarium is 120x60x70cm (LxDxH) with sliding doors and solid roof much like a reptile vivarium.

The sale includes the following:

Paludarium 120x60x70cm
1 x Eheim Universal Pump 1250
145L RUB sump
25KG of calcium bentonite clay
2 drain sets
High output lighting

This will look amazing with the skippers in and tidal patterns etc
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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