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Proven breeding pair of Brazilian Rainbow Boa's for sale. Female is CB09 and male is CB10-they are not related. The female has had 2 pregnancys with their previous owner, both times 17 babies were born and all lived. I bought them about a year ago with the intention of breeding this season but have decided to focus more on my geckos instead so they would be ready to breed this year. They both have good appetites and shed and poop as should. They feed every 2 weeks on defrosted medium-large rats, sometimes they drop feed, sometimes they strike feed depending on their mood! They were housed together with their previous owner, however the male was separated when the female was gravid, i have housed them separatetly so its personal choice. They spend alot of time in their hides (brb's like a high humdity) and they also enjoy a soak - i use a large metal dog bowl so it doesnt tip over. They are not aggressive and the male has only every bitten my partner once but thats because he grabbed the snake from behind to stop it from going behind the sofa and the snake tapped him to give him a warning, only made a scratch.

Very beautiful snakes but please do your research so your understand how to look after them :) they are nocturnal so you will often see them roaming about their enclosure after lights out and they like to use the height of the viv so we have branches etc that they climb up.

Any questions feel free to ask! Price is £290 ono no viv included as we customer built it into our reptile room so it wont come out lol! Cash on collection from kearsley, Bolton or bank transfer if using a courier - buyer to arrange.

Thanks, Natalie


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