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The very beautiful Purple GoldenChild took the Retic world by storm upon its debut just a few years ago. It is held by many as the ultimate Retic in beauty- with the rich Purple Albino Colors blending in perfect unison to the extreme GoldenChild pattern to produce a deep orange snake with dark purple flecking along its top third, with the occasional "port hole" side pattern breaking up an otherwise very clean patternless side. Also known as "Coral Glows," they are still quite rare and highly sought after- and with one of these bred to even just a Het Albino, you can produce good numbers of them in the first generation. Other genes in combination with these add interest, such as the Tri-Stripe appearance of the Tiger Goldenchild; or the mind blowing, otherworldly colors of the Sunfire Purple GoldenChild. Purchasing a male will get you breeding these amazing snakes in a very short amount of time, or invest in a female and start growing her up, while you sit back and watch what we come up with next season for crazy new males to breed her to one day to create your own custom combo!

Baby Male

Baby Female


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