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We have fat healthy queens for sale: 10 Euros each
(plus 5 Euros postage).

These build amazing nests, large active areas all the year around (if kept at a comfortable room temp or above).
They withstand severe heat and cold (they will sleep if extremely cold).
Small workers, LARGE ball headed risk at all, small tweaks if bitten...nothing to worry about. If you are lucky as your nest grows, you will get some red ball headed soldiers, these have an awesome set of jaws!

They eat seeds, wheat, flowers pods...small insects, some crumbs etc.
Known for making "ant bread" within their nests.

Better than boring English black ants...more to see, larger to view, but no harder to keep.
Queens are not suitable for Antworks or any gel farms.
We also supply ants for ant farms,
25 for 10 Euros
50 for
15 Euros

(plus 5 Euros postage).

[email protected]


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