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Well, never done a rain chamber before...
Cost me a grand total of 89p for the gravel/water tray :lol2:

Rain Chamber test run - YouTube

As vid description says this was just to check it would work...I'll be tidying it all up and adding a heater, pebbles/bricks, foliage etc when and if the time comes, and will be filling the black box with coco so they can bury if they so wish (Bloody hope they won't tho!!)

Anyway, any comments, hints or tips ??

hopefully putting my k.pulchra in here soon... need to wake em up first tho !! So any tips on this species ??
It's similer to the one I use.

I wuld recomend adding gravel to the box ontop as this willl make the water fall out in 'drops' instead of a constant stream.

You may wat to add a water heater to it so it has the correct temps.
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